Bono rides a bicycle

U2 Bono on a Specialized Bicycle with helmet

U2 frontman Bono crashed while riding his bicycle in New York City’s Central Park, according to his band’s website on Sunday (bloody Sunday?). U2 reports he injured his arm and will need surgery to repair the damage. There’s no word on how his bike fared.

The stock photo shows Bono riding in France some time ago. Bonus points for the first person who can tell me what’s wrong with that picture.


  1. The background looks more like a parking lot??, since the curbs are not parallel. That would make him riding the wrong way down the road since France is right-hand traffic. Possibly relevant to his crash in NYC.

  2. Riding way too fast and the other unyielding cyclist made him violently wobble his bars, before doing a hard elbow/face plant. Note to Bono: let go of bars, to save face….

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