Every bike video a music video

I’m playing with Fastcut, a brand new video editing tool from Magix. You use pre-defined templates that slurps in video footage from your GoPro or other action camera, sets it to a beat, and transforms your ordinary everyday bike video into something that’s worth watching.

I’m using the free trial version of this Windows program so I’m limited to 20 second videos, but you get the idea. With better footage you can probably do something better. Keep in mind that I threw this video together after about six minutes of effort, including about the two minutes required to install this program and another minute to register myself for the 30 day trial.

You don’t have to use the templates of course — you can edit videos just as you can with any other entry level edit tool and publish them to the web. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Movie Maker (the free video tool that comes with Windows), you should be comfortable with Magix Fastcut. In addition to standard features like video and still image imports, fades, audio imports, speed adjustments and so forth, Fastcut also enables you to tweak saturation, hue, brightness, contrast, and other image attributes with slider bars.

One more cool feature: Fastcut has a built in wind noise audio filter. No more clumsy audio extractions with ffmpeg, hurrah!

Download a free trial for Windows from Magix.com.

Disclosure: I received an advance copy of Fastcut in exchange for consideration.

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  1. Love the ChP clip! Also I noticed the static banner ads were bike related, but when there were cars in the footage I got YouTube popping up ads for beating traffic tickets in court.

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