Bicycle action figures

In America, we can buy action figures for superheroes, soldiers of fortune, anthropomorphized turtles, and Legos.

In Japan, they sell character action figures on bicycles. Local bicycling otaku Jill Q (2013 Bike Commuter of the Year for Santa Clara County California) found this figma for Yuusuki Makishima, a teen cyclist from “Yowamushi Pedal,” a popular anime about the adventures of high school competetive road cycling in Japan.

yuusuke makishima yowamushi pedal action figure

Goku, the other-worldly heroic protagonist of “Dragon Ball,” rides a miniature folding bicycle with drop bars in this action figure.

Goku Dragon Ball rides a folding bicycle

This PVC model of Aokiji Kuzan on a biycle from the anime “One Piece” isn’t really an action figure, but he does have limited mobility for some posing options. If you ever even saw an American G.I. Joe manly man action figure around a bicycle, would anyone even consider a step-through frame like this?

Aokiji Kuzan on a bicycle

Finally, this plastic model of bike-riding time traveler Suzuha Amane from “Steins Gate” astride her Bianchi mountain bike in a fan-servicy pose stands a foot tall and is available for (*gulp!*) $170.

suzuha amane mountain bike

You can pre-order Yuusuke from Otakumode for (gasp) $62 American, with availability in July 2015. For Goku, Aokiji and Suzuha, click on the images for purchase through Amazon, of which Cyclelicious is an affiliate.

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