CYCLELICIOUS Life Paint, now available in USA

In their efforts to raise the stakes in the Conspicuity Arms Race, Volvo famously announced a reflective spray paint giveaway at a few select bike shops in the UK. While supplies last, you can now purchase Cyclelicious Life Paint right here in America and outshine your bike-riding frenemies!

Unlike Albedo100 reflective products provided through Volvo, which wears and washes off within 10 days, Cyclelicious Life Paint uses a superior petroleum-based fixative that rapidly dries into a permanent, waterproof coating.

Krylon Glowz Rust Oleum Reflective Finish

I don’t have the marketing budget of Volvo so can’t give this amazing, life-saving spray away for free, but by special arrangement with Cyclelicious, larger hardware and home improvement stores across the nation have agreed to stock these items.

If you don’t dare leave the home until after you have applied these essentially vital safety coatings to your bike, I have also made these available for convenient online order. Buy Cyclelicious Life Paint today!

Rust Oleum Reflective Spray illuminates painted surfaces under direct headlights for nighttime visibility and safety. Apply to metal, wood, plastic, and masonry surfaces on your bicycle. This reflective spray is invisible during the day, but magically generates zillions of lumens of eye-searing brightness at night while enabling a forceful Cone Of Protection whenever it detects a Volvo branded automobile in the vicinity.

Krylon Glowz Spray Paint provides high visibility for night riders and is ideal for bikes and other sporting equipment. This amazing, fast-dry formula requires exposure to light for recharging. Because drivers can now see you from a greater distance, they have yet one more reason to drive faster and with less attention than they previously did and giving yet more excuse for the inevitable SMIDSY.


  1. Would it be appropriate to use these products to highlight the vehicles of bad drivers to alert other cyclists to keep their distance?

  2. Leave it to Europe to come up with something like this glad to know that there on the ball we could learn a lot of lessons from Europe and this is one of them. Thanks for saving lives

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