Palo Alto Adobe Creek not closed

The Adobe Creek viaduct under Highway 101 connecting the Bay Trail with the city of Palo Alto normally closes on October 15 due to winter flooding. No rain means no flooding, so the city Public Works Department announced the trail will remain open for now, although it will be subject to closing at any time without notice in the event of sudden rainfall.

Let me through!

The city of Palo Alto plans to build an overcrossing to replace this flood-prone undercrossing and provide year-round bicycle and pedestrian access over Highway 101 in 2017.

Check the Santa Clara County Trail Status Page for stream levels at various locations throughout Santa Clara County. The rainfall portion of that is currently broken due to API changes, but I’ll have that fixed before the rain begins in earnest in a couple of months.

Thank you to local bike educator Richard Swent for the notice.

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