Ride report with tendinitis

Happy Friday!

I was Just Riding Along the other evening when my foot slipped from the pedal, resulting in a near tenotomy just in time for a three day weekend.

Time for new cleats?

I was out of the saddle sprinting across an intersection when my left foot slipped forward while it was near top dead center. My heel landed on the pedal as I bore down with my full body weight. My crotch then slammed hard into the top tube but I managed to stay upright and pull over into the shoulder to grit my teeth and regain my breath, with a thank-you-very-much to the three cyclists behind me who saw what happened and passed anyway without a word even as all three of them looked back at me.

The cause of my mishap was worn cleats on my backup cycling shoes. If you ride clipless, check your cleats and your pedals for wear.

It now feels like a very bad case of tendinitis. I managed a very slow 10 miles this morning before I gave up and hopped on the light rail train to my office.

The treatment is ice and rest, so there go my plans for this three day weekend as we celebrate Labor Day in the United States of America. If you plan something fun, epic, or wonderfully bikey this weekend, tag me in your Instagram uploads so I can enjoy your adventures vicariously.


  1. When I mounted my first SPDs, I forgot to fix the cleats tightly. A few meters on my first ride, I realized, that I was unable to come off my pedals. I had to turn back, leaning against the wall of the house, open my shoes and climb the stairs on my white socks, carrying the bike upstairs with the shoes in the pedals.

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