Una Bici Más

una bici ma

Una Bici Más,” Seen at the 4th Annual World Bicycle Forum at Medelin, Colombia last weekend. More bike stuff under the photo.

Ford experiments with multi-modal smart mobility.

Goodyear branded bike tires make a comeback, more or less.

Krpytonite WheelNutz.

Cross Traffic on San Fernando

Thumbs up to those crazy winter cyclists in Hartford, CT.

Iowa considers a red tail light law for cyclists. The conversation among legislators as reported in the news article seems reasonably well informed.

$15,000 Cervelo P5 bicycle stolen out of an Audi that was “hacked” by the thief.

“The sun was in my eyes,” but police officer was still arrested for negligent homicide after he hit a cyclist on the Big Island.

California vehicular traffic fatalities roar in like a lion for the month of March, with seven fatalities reported in CHP jurisdiction at the time of this writing. Somebody alert Carol Liu to this problem.

Bike safety seems to be a thing for sheriffs candidates in Jacksonville Florida, and in a positive way. Two candidates have even been members of the sheriff bicycle patrol.

Don’t forget: San Jose Bike Train rolls Wednesday morning, 8 AM from Diridon Station.

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