Sunnyvale Vice Mayor bikes to work

Happy Bike Month and Happy Friday. Sunnyvale Vice Mayor Gustav Larsson, shown below in the yellow jacket and green Marin hardtail mountain bike, joined this morning’s inaugural “BikePool” ride from Sunnyvale to his day job as a software engineer in North San Jose. Gustav holds Seat 1 in Sunnyvale’s at-large city council, and is also the city council liaison for the Sunnyvale Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission.

Sunnyvale inaugural bikepool to North San Jose

Lauren (far left) led this morning’s ride, joined by Christian (also of VTA), Laura (City of San Jose DOT), Gustav and Jim (on the folder) along with Yours Truly (behind the camera). Lauren started this BikePool route because riding in a group is more fun than riding solo, and riding in a group enhances safety for everybody involved when riding with automotive traffic.

Sunnyvale to San Jose Bikepool begins at Plaza del Sol across from the Sunnyvale Caltrain station. We crossed the station platform to Frances Street, then right (east) on California Avenue, north on Fair Oaks, east on Arques / Scott, north on the San Tomas Aquino Trail, east on Agnew, left on Garrity, across Lick Mill Road and to the River Oaks bridge on the Guadalupe River Trail. A good time was had by all.


  1. Hi, great going. I wanted to join but my office is in the other direction. Someday, I will join you guys.

  2. Will this be an ongoing thing then? If so, I’ll probably join just for fun (bike commuting to my home office ;). Had a conf call this morning or I’d love to have come beat the raindrops with you.

    (New) Sunnyvale Mayor and Police Chief did an illuminating “ride along” on Mary last fall at the written request of a high school student who bikes to work. They had a workshop/discussion around it at a recent PTA meeting that was interesting. My takeaway is that both the city departments as well as the parents have a lot to learn around strategies and techniques, and hopefully this conversation will progress. The Mayor and his staff had a good grasp on the concept of “Education, Engineering, Enforcement”, and the BPAC and of course council have some dedicated people (who could always use more help).

    Thanks for this followup!

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