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Ed Ip

I am a software developer by day with a passion for photography and new technologies ranging from the latest gadgets to drooling over curvy bicycles and widgets that I can't possibly afford.

Art appreciation at NAHBS

Prior to this weekend’s NAHBS in Richmond, VA my bike appreciation only went as far as brands that sponsor a professional team and a handful of custom shops such as Moot, Seven and Serotta. My ignorance was not due to lack of trying however; I subscribe to 3 different bicycle related magazines and keep up read more »

NAHBS 2010 Day 2

Day 2 is now in full swing. The door opened to the public about 40 mins ago and it’s a complete madhouse. Heather (@belmontlovely) is working on a bunch of interviews as we speak. Look for more day 2 activities in a few hours.

NAHBS 2010 Day 1 Wrap Up

It has been a long day but wouldn’t trade it for the world.  The NAHBS is an eye opener to what these true artists disguised as bike builders can do with traditional materials such as steel, aluminum, carbon and some not so traditional such as wood and bamboo.  But before I get some shut eye, read more »

Let the show begin!!

Bikes bikes bikes. They’re everywhere! I will try to do a photo dump around lunch and before dinner today. Come back through out the day to drool!

Stretch your legs in RVA

Are you looking to ride your bike this weekend while in town for the NAHBS? The Richmond Area Bicycling Association (RABA) provide area cyclists multiple ride options every day of the week.   Please contact the designated ride leader(s) if you have any questions. If you are looking to unleash some pent-up fiery amassed over read more »

Tour of Oman:

The small Arab nation of Oman emerged relatively undamaged from the banking disaster that impacted several of their neighboring states. They hope to diversify their economy their economy as oil revenues drop by promoting tourism and high visibility events like their first ever Tour of Oman.