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Free books about bikes

Happy New Year, everybody.

I’m giving these books (and one t-shirt – unused, of course!) away right here on this blog after the New Year.

Giving these books away

It’ll be first come, first serve, so be on your toes. I’ll do a giveaway each day of the week beginning on Wednesday, January 2. It’ll mostly be whoever comments first, though I might include a trivia contest a couple of times as well. Shipping to USA only, though I’ll consider international if you pay shipping and can pay me through PayPal.

Author, Publisher, Soldier, Spy

Once upon a time, “vanity published” books were guaranteed stinkers. Even today, with high quality tools and a plethora of resources to help with every aspect of the publishing process, too many self published books read like poorly edited religious tracts from the 1980s or zines from the 90s.

I am, however, beginning to see exceptions. I’ve seen an explosion in self-published books related to cycling and fitness in 2012, including a handful that are worth recommending beyond our tight circle of true believers, and I expect we’ll see more of that in 2013. Guy Kawasaki’s new book APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book guides the prospective artisanal publisher through the pitfalls of writing, publishing and marketing your own book while avoiding the clueless newbie mistakes that have historically stigmatized the vanity press industry.

APE: How to Publish a Book


Book: Team 7-Eleven

I’ll tell you this book on the beginnings of American professional road cycling in the 1980s reads good, smells good, and has lots of good photos (color and B&W). I received this book over the weekend and devouted it. I won’t have time to post a review before Interbike, so I’ll just say “thumbs up” and post the press material for now.

If you’d rather skip the marketing fluff and go get the book already, here’s the link to Powell’s Books.