Idaho stop and dead red for Oklahoma cyclists?

Oklahoma State Representative Lewis Moore (R-Edmond) and State Senator David Holt (R-OKC) authored and introduced HB 2999 on February 1, 2016, to allow cyclists in Oklahoma to treat stop signs as yields, and to treat red traffic signals as stop signs.

Electric Avenue

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Biker Fox

I’m stunned — stunned, I tell ya! — that there are bike bloggers who imply that everyone’s favorite shirtless dancer is not Biker Fox!!

Tulsa, Oklahoma has a number of nationally known bike personalities that are out of proportion to it’s population. The campy Biker Fox is one of them. He can be seen in the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma in his ridiculously campy outfits performing impromptu stunts.

Click on the Biker Fox website to see his awesome Biker Fox movie trailer.

Biker Fox of Tulsa getting kissed by two foxy babes
In case you’re wondering, the other two Tulsa bike personalities are Paul Tay, who used to tow a seven foot male organ on his bike, once ran for mayor of Tulsa and is now on the ballot for Tulsa City Council; and the ever popular Wally Crankset.