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1,000 bananas on a bike!


Cycle 9 bike shop in Chapel Hill, NC had somebody haul over 400 pounds of bananas (!) on a Yuba Mundo “affordable mobility” cargo bike. The cyclist, Dave Demming, looks a little shaky trying to maneuver the heavily laden two wheeler down the street, but he eventually makes it to his destination.

More about this by Mark Stosberg, who discusses other ways to haul large loads by bike.

Closer to (my) home,. Benjamin Sanrazin — the founder of Yuba — hauled 362 pounds of food (of which 300 lbs was rice) on a Mundo to win the no-trailer category at 2009 San Francisco Street Sweep, an alleycat race benefiting the San Francisco Food Bank. Paul Freedman (of “Rock The Bike” fame) even surfs atop the big pile of vittles as Sanrazin pilots his cargo bike in front of AT&T Park in San Francisco.

“Jeremiah” hauled the most cargo at the 2009 San Francisco Street Sweep when he collected 962 lbs of groceries with the help of a trailer.

Cargo bike compare & contrast

There’s a nice writeup on five kid and cargo carriers at Treehugger today. They looked at the Yuba Mundo (v. 3.0), Taga trike / stroller, Stokemonkey + Xtracycle, Bakfiets, and one handmade bike — the ShuttleBug from Joe Bike in Portland, OR.

After you’ve read the Treehugger article, come back here to see a few other options you may not have heard of!