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A Bike Friday Xtracycle

Bike Friday is designing an Xtracycle-compatible collapsible small tire longtail cargo bike called the “Haul-A-Day.”

Boda Boda Bicycle

Win a free cargo bicycle from Yuba Bicycles Draw your idea of a “Boda Boda” bicycle and you can win a new one from Yuba.

Sun Bicycle Atlas Cargo

Sun Bicycle are known mostly, I think, for their industrial trikes and bikes for warehouse use, along with their line of low cost recumbent bikes designed by Easy Racer. I didn’t realize until today that Sun is the cost leader in longtail cargo bikes with their Atlas Cargo, which is available (complete) for $679.

Soma front cargo bike

Soma’s calling this prototype bike truck the “Pick Up Artist” because “college girls seem to flock towards the dorky-looking bike instead of the incredibly handsome guy riding it” even as the handsome guy gives these college girls rides on his bicycle.

Cargo Bike Power

I walked across the street in my town when I bumped into Josh Hart — he of those marvelous orange bike pants and Fell Street Arco protests.

Onya Front End Loader

Onya Cycles designs electric bikes intended to replace cars for local errand runs. The Front End Loader can handle San Francisco’s hills, like this video demonstrates.