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Police threaten arrest for child biking to school

Harold McCormick Elementary School, Elizabethton, TN — Police threaten arrest and call in Child Services investigation after they see 10 year girl biking home from school on residential road.


This little kid giving the motivational bike speech absolutely rules. “I feel happy of myself. If you believe in yourself, you will know how to ride a bike. If you don’t, just keep practicing. You will get the hang of it; I know it! Thumbs up everybody. Rock and roll!” Thank you to Mild Stallion. read more »

Traumatic events and children

In response to a study showing 20% of Portland cyclists experience a “traumatic event”, Oregon lawmaker Mitch Greenlick wants to ban ban children under six from bikes because bikes are dangerous.

Bicycle power slide parking

Check it out — this little girl slides her bike with perfection to parallel park it against a wall.

Mad drifter skills

This little tyke who can barely talk skids his bicycle all over the place.