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John Leguizamo rides a bicycle

When writer-actor John Leguizamo shows up to do a show in New York, fans outside the theater are surprised to see him ride up on a bicycle. “People go, ‘Hey, John, I thought you’d be in a limo.’

“This is my limo, my green limo,” says the bike riding performer.

In this video, Leguizamo gives his tips on riding in the city.

H/T to Neil in Portland, OR via Cyclelicious on Facebook. More about John Leguizamo and bicycling at CNN. On the “behind the scenes” story on CNN’s blog, producer Jarrett Bellini emphasizes the perceived danger of filming on the streets of New York City while hanging off of the back of a pedicab. I like the response Clarence Eckerson (the Streetfilms guy) gave to the CNN people.