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My winter cycling cred

I’ve been a year round utility cyclist since the 1980s. Whilst living in Illinois and Colorado, that meant cycling to work in occasionally extreme weather. You just deal with it. Six years in California, however, has softened me.

Colorado Bike Winter Challenge

Your challenge as a cyclist from now through March 31 — commute by bike at least 52 times. If you succeed, you may attend the Icy Bike Gala.

Mr Money Mustache Says Ride Your Bike

Mr Money Mustache retired at age 30 and now blogs about how YOU can escape the perpetual cycle of debt that keeps you enslaved to the one percent. He’s a Canadian who now lives in Longmont, Colorado, and in his most recent post we discover he and his familiy ride bikes to get around. He read more »

Video: Winter cycling HOWTO

Streetfilms visited Chicago to show us tips on winter cycling.

DIY Windproof bike pogies

Failblog’s “There I Fixed It provides inspiration for cheap, DIY bike pogies for cold weather riding.

Early Ice Bike

Joe Steinlauf demonstrates his spiked icebike tires in Chicago, 1948.