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Christmas bike music and a post-apocalyptic bike ride TONIGHT

I’m compiling a list of bike songs released in 2012 and Nora Schlang of Washington DC contacted me to let me know she released a full album entitled, simply, “bicycle.”

Jimi Hendrix played a bicycle pump

Okay, it’s not really Jimi Hendrix, just some white dude in a wig who goes by the stage names “Jimi Handtrix” and “Jimmy Rotondo” (among others), but he plays the U.S. National Anthem with a bicycle tire pump and a wah-wah pedal!

Music video: I’m in Oakland and I’m riding my bike

I hope you’re having a good Memorial Day weekend. “I’m In Oakland and I’m Riding My Bike” features Tynan McDonald “McSlappy” Davis, Baby “Scraper Bike King” Champ, The Original Scraper Bike Team, and Manifesto Bicycles.

Pushbike Song

Happy Friday. “Pushbike Song” was released by Australian band “The Mixtures” in 1970. This music video was filmed in Melbourne, Australia. Check out the Penny Farthing, the bike with the eccentrically mounted hubs, and the track team. Olivia Newton-John covered a completely unmemorable electronica version of this song in 2011 for an Australian movie. H/T read more »

John Dwyer rides a bicycle

John Dwyer, front man for San Francisco based Thee Oh Sees, rides a bicycle in the City.

Bike Powered Music Box

Futility Closet dug up this old 1899 patent “to provide a combined bicycle and musical instrument whereby the rider when so disposed may treat himself and others in his immediate neighborhood to a musical accompaniment as he rides along.”