Lucas Brunelle compilation

Lucas Brunelle is the guy who started the crazy urban fixed gear bike videos when he posted “Drag Race NYC” to his personal website in 2003, two years before YouTube came online. Since then, Brunelle has filmed 150 alleycat races and other bike events around the world with his trademark dual helmet cameras.

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Pushbike Song

Happy Friday.

“Pushbike Song” was released by Australian band “The Mixtures” in 1970. This music video was filmed in Melbourne, Australia. Check out the Penny Farthing, the bike with the eccentrically mounted hubs, and the track team. Olivia Newton-John covered a completely unmemorable electronica version of this song in 2011 for an Australian movie.

H/T to Bicycle Recycling UK.

Go play with traffic

Me sharing the road with cars, buses and trucks on Santa Clara Street, downtown San Jose, California.

I have about a seven mile commute from the office to downtown. Six miles of it is on the Guadalupe River Trail, a fully separated bike path with a river, trees and other vegetation, wildlife and the occasional jogger and cyclist. I hop onto Santa Clara Street if I need to wake up after six miles of peaceful bliss.

60 MPH bicycle police chase video

Video description says Czech police pursue a guy on a bicycle. The chase gets to over 60 MPH when the cyclist drafts a truck. (100 km/h is 62 mph)

Perhaps Sebastian Langeveld can take lessons on high speed obstacle avoidance from this guy. H/T to Gotham Bicycle Defense — y’know, those guys with the theft resistant bicycle light project.