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Here’s what’s happening today

    Many people blame political intrangience for today’s stock market plunge. That’s part of it, but there’s a deeper reality. Our nation’s fiscal priorities couldn’t be more completely hosed, but resource limitations are the fundamental basis of our economic dreariness over the past five years.     A five minute video highlights some of read more »

Halliburton, drilling and gas prices

Here’s something for the “Drill Baby Drill” crowd. After a steady decline during George Bush’s administration, U.S. domestic crude oil production has climbed during the Obama administration to levels last seen in 2004, when gasoline prices were below $2 per gallon.

Oil up

I haven’t posted on oil policy and economics lately, but the world of oil has been interesting over the past couple of months and I’m overdue for an update.

Bubbling crude

In my grandparents’ day, oil was easily found. Sometimes it was as easy as shooting at some food.