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Why bother with a transportation bill?

The National Journal asks their panel of transportation policy experts: Why bother with the transportation bill?

Eric Cantor rides a bicycle

U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) rides his bicycle on the sidepath.

Federal gas tax expires in September

Have you noticed the 18.4 cent Federal gasoline tax that funds 90% of the U.S. Highway Trust Fund expires on September 30?

Brown vetoes SB 582

California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB 582, the bill that authorizes transportation planning districts to mandate commute benefits that encourage transit, vanpools and bicycling to work.

Halliburton, drilling and gas prices

Here’s something for the “Drill Baby Drill” crowd. After a steady decline during George Bush’s administration, U.S. domestic crude oil production has climbed during the Obama administration to levels last seen in 2004, when gasoline prices were below $2 per gallon.

Rahm Emanuel rides a bicycle

Some of you might not know that Barack Obama’s former Chief of Staff resigned his White House office last October to run for Mayor of Chicago. After a judicial kerfuffle about residency requirements, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled last week that Rahm is indeed a legal resident of Chicago and eligible to run for the read more »