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Zero Waste SJBP & public bike repair stands for downtown San Jose

San Jose Bike Party will celebrate its 6th Anniversary Friday night with a Day of the Dead ride, October 18, 2013. The new Raven Bikes will be introduced at this ride along with an initiative to transform Bike Party into a Zero Waste event, funding for downtown bike repair stations, and a new strategy to read more »

Coming Soon: The Raven Bike

San Jose Bike Party calls their volunteer helpers “BIRDs,” which stands for “Bicycle Information Resource Director.” ” Ravens” are the elite BIRDs who try to clean up at the bike party meetup locations, but it’s an overwhelming and thankless job, and at many recent parties Bike Party have left behind huge piles of trash. In read more »

San Jose Bike Party route mirrror

(This is a mirror of the September 2013 ride info page at SJBikeParty.org. The website seems to be seriously slammed all day, and I’m sure I’m not the only person looking for route information. You can also find ride info and cue sheet at UBSJ.org. The 80s Night Ride

Bike Party = Unlawful Assembly

Please read my update that kinda sorta apologizes for this sensationalist blog post. I was at my usual place near the Bike Party start Friday night with my camera shooting shady troublemakers like these. Normally, one or two motorcycle police might accompany bike party. I shoulda figured something was going down when I saw a read more »

The infamous Oreik Et bicycle

I spotted the famous “Oreik Et” bicycle at San Jose Bike Party last Friday night. Oreik Et is Te Kiero backwards. Te quiero is one way to say “I love you” in Spanish. The owner of this bike is known for building crazy machines like this in his secret workshop somewhere in San Jose. iMinusD read more »

San Jose Bike Party SAFETY RIDE this Friday night

San Jose Bike Party Safety Ride takes place this Friday night, May 17 2013.