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Bike Party = Unlawful Assembly

Please read my update that kinda sorta apologizes for this sensationalist blog post. I was at my usual place near the Bike Party start Friday night with my camera shooting shady troublemakers like these. Normally, one or two motorcycle police might accompany bike party. I shoulda figured something was going down when I saw a read more »

Peninsula Bike Party tomorrow

Attention San Francisco Bay Area: This Friday’s Peninsula Bike Party (which happens the 4th Friday of every month) will explore the northern parts of San Mateo County along the Bay. Meetup at San Mateo Caltrain, 7:15 PM. More details at Peninsula Bike Party.

Santa Cruz Bike Party photos

View the slideshow below, or view the photos individually at my Santa Cruz Bike Party photo set at Flickr. These photos are from last night’s Funk / SOULstice Ride, Friday, June 21, 2013. Enjoy!

The Olympic Ride: South Bay Bike Party photos

I managed to get all 120+ photos uploaded from last Friday night’s Olympic themed Bike Party. Enjoy!

South Bay Bike Party July 2012 photos

Last night’s “Olympic Ride” was by far the largest South Bay Bike Party I’ve ever seen. I think the previous record is 5,000, and I won’t be surprised if last night’s ride beat that.

Samara Russia Bike Party

A bunch of woman and a handful of men joined up for a “Ladies” theme Bike Party in Samara, Russia last Saturday.