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Strava KOMs in the Himalayas

Have you ever explored Strava segments outside of the areas you normally ride? Last night I wondered, “Are there any KOMs in the Himalayas?” The answer: Of course there are: On Strava, I went to the “Segment Explore” page, typed in Nepal, and boom. Check out some of those segments: 31.4% grade for 2.9 miles read more »

Strava SNAP: Fix GPS data to track roads

I use my mobile phone’s GPS to track my bike rides which I then upload to Strava. Unlike purpose built GPS devices, phone GPS can be wildly inaccurate, especially in the steep valleys I often ride through in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The results uploaded to Strava can look like this. Note how the red read more »


(Did anybody notice I changed the color of the topbar?)

Family of cyclist sues Strava

Two years ago, William “Kim” Flint was killed on his bicycle as he allegedly tried to beat a Strava speed record. This morning, his survivors say they plan to file a negligence lawsuit against San Francisco-based Strava, claiming Strava are responsible for ensuring the crowd-sourced routes are safe.

A heart as big as San Francisco

Payam Rajabi posts his heart-shaped bike ride to Strava for a special Valentine’s Day message for his sweetie.