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Strava KOMs in the Himalayas

Have you ever explored Strava segments outside of the areas you normally ride?

Last night I wondered, “Are there any KOMs in the Himalayas?” The answer: Of course there are:

Nepal Strava KOM

On Strava, I went to the “Segment Explore” page, typed in Nepal, and boom. Check out some of those segments: 31.4% grade for 2.9 miles (owned by Sami Inkinen of San Francisco and the only person to have logged that ride), 20% for 3.4 miles (KOM Mandil Pradhan of Katmandu over 17 others who have taken this route), and so forth.

To view those Strava segments, visit the Strava segement explore page for Nepal.

Strava SNAP: Fix GPS data to track roads

I use my mobile phone’s GPS to track my bike rides which I then upload to Strava. Unlike purpose built GPS devices, phone GPS can be wildly inaccurate, especially in the steep valleys I often ride through in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The results uploaded to Strava can look like this.


Note how the red line can go tens of feet off of the actual road. It throws the elevation data out of whack, and I can miss segments and KOMs. But an online tool provides a way to fix this track for you!