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Coverage for NAHBS 2010

Hello to you, the readers of Cyclelicious.   My name is Ed Ip and I’m new to the Cyclelicious team.  A bit about me, I’m a software developer by day, and a cyclist and photographer by night.  I dream (i.e. drool) of shiny — usually expensive – objects that promise to make me a better/faster person.  My evaluation process usually takes me down the path of want instead of need, and it goes something like this… “Do I need a new bike?  No, but I want it because will make me faster.  Do I need a TT helmet?  No, but I will definitely be better looking because of it!”

Enough about me.  Let’s talk about what I will be doing for you…

My first order of business is to bring you the highlights of the 2010 Shimano North American Handmade Bicycle Show this weekend.  I will be trolling the show floor with my camera looking for shiny bits that I think you and I will want.  Bike porn anyone?

If you are attending this annual event, send me a direct tweet @e_ip so I can buy you a free beer!  If not, leave a comment below if there is something in particular you like to see.  I will try my best to bring home the photographic goods!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-20

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  • Hmm, I need to fix that double tweets of my blog posts. #
  • @rpointer I thought Matt T just did some of the background vocals for that? in reply to rpointer #
  • New Flickr photo – Ow! http://bit.ly/dg957o #
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