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Good afternoon! The weather is GORGEOUS in Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz — perfect enough for a bike ride!

Yelp Weekly Silicon Valley focus on bicycle shops. “This week,” writes the Yelp editor, “we bring you the best places to score that new Scattante in Silicon Valley!” Umm, okay.

Carson Blume (publisher of Women’s Cycling Magazine) pointed to this story of a new professional women’s cycling team sponsored by Performance Bicycles with The Spokeswomen Syndicate. I pictured Scattante road bikes on the pro circuit. I went to the source, though, to learn these ladies will race on Fuji Supreme SL Women’s Road Racing Bikes. They’ll race in team kit from Louis Garneau, but for team photos they do product placement for Performance Bicycles jerseys and shorts.

The Performance Bicycle Racing Team is an elite women’s cycling team, composed of women who have reached USA cycling category 1 or 2 status. Primarily focused on road bike racing, the team also includes top and professional level mountain bike, triathlete and cyclocross riders as well.

The 2010 Performance Bicycle Racing Team are cyclists Cara Applegate, Evie Boswell-Vilt, Kirsten Davis, Kathryn Okenatez-Mahoney, Chris Tommerdahl, Dana Treiber Martin, Nicole Vincent-Jordan, Gina Voci and Bergen Watterson. The team is supported by professional mentors and development team leaders Annie Lux, Ainhoa Perez-Diez and Hadley Trotter.

Performance Bicycle Racing Team web page here.

More blogosphere goodies:

Bicycle Design: Power boost on performance bikes for the avid cyclists? What do you think? If you don’t get James’ “Red Ocean” reference, he’s using the Blue Ocean / Red Ocean marketing metaphor where the Blue Ocean is the big blue sea of an untapped market (e.g. the vast market of people not interested in bikes for everyday use), and the Red Ocean are the current market of enthusiasts (e.g. many of us who read this blog and the market that bike shops usually target in their marketing).

How can you miss a six foot rabbit?!

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a weekend bicyclist, might consider keeping his head down and his helmet on. A backlash is brewing over his new bicycling policy.

$145 leather frame bag.

Rosscott with more guns and (fixed gear) bikes: Rumble thru the Bronx.

MTB Fixed / Free hub switches from fixed gear to singlespeed with the twist of a ring.

Dublin Bike Share “most successful in the world.”

Retiring Justice John Paul Stevens was instrumental in several environmental regulation lawsuits.

Bike love in unlikely places.

Library Scraper Bikes, though I’m puzzled about “Los Medanos College doesn’t allow bikes on campus.” Huh?

Ninja bike activism gets results in West Virginia.

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