Bike To Work Day photos

Happy SF Bay Area Bike To Work Day, all.

I did my usual Tour of South Bay Energizer Stations this morning, covering the 12 miles from Sunnyvale to Menlo Park in two hours, which I think must be a new slowness record for me! I distributed Action Wipes to the Mountain View Caltrain and Palo Alto City Hall Energizer Stations (thank you to Sue at Mountain View and Matt at Palo Alto for helping out with that), gave a bike bell to a newbie bike commuter, passed along the latest issue of Urban Velo at the Wilkie Way bike bridge, and consumed my share of bagels, coffee cakes, bananas, oranges, fruit snacks, and coffee along the way.

Congrats to Steve, who won the Bike Snob NYC book after he found me at the Dumbarton bike path Energizer Station in Menlo Park (sponsored by Oracle).


  1. Thanks for the invite, Jessica. Besides a brief lull in the mid 90s, I've been getting around by foot, bike and / or transit since 1989.

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