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Breakfast at Mollie’s

I visited the Bike To Work Day breakfast station at Mollie’s Country Cafe in Scotts Valley, CA this morning, but first, take a look at this gas station sign I biked past on the way there.

“Huge convoy of bike commuters”

CBS 5 visited a couple of Energizer Stations during Bike to Work Day in San Francisco Thursday. A helicopter view “of a huge convoy of bike commuters” is included in this positive story.

Hundreds bike from San Francisco to South Bay

At least 500 people participated in the 42 mile Bike To Work Day commute from San Francisco to Mountain View.

Santa Cruz Bike To Work Advert

This is Bike to Work Week in Santa Cruz, California. Ecology Action even produced a 60 second TV spot for it. It’s a little corny, reasonably positive, and I’m pretty sure this is the first bike ad that’s used the cliched screech of a red-tailed hawk.

Bike To Work Day Silicon Valley 2012

The San Francisco Bay Area will celebrate Bike To Work Day this Thursday, May 10 2012.

Survey: Newbies encouraged by BTWD

Surveys of Bike To Work Day participants in the Washington DC area seem to show the annual event encourages more people to try bike commuting.