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Silicon Valley Bicycle Festival Sunday, and more

Silicon Valley Bikes! Festival and Bicycle Show takes place Sunday, May 7, 2017 at Kelly Park in San Jose, CA.

Silicon Valley Bikes! Festival & Bicycle Show 2017

$5 entry fee, car parking is available but I recommend biking there. More info at the website.

Bike Week activities in Santa Cruz, CA

Visit the Ecology Action Bike Week activities page for info on events like the “Girls Rock” Mountain Bike Ride on Sunday, Santa Cruz County’s Bike to Work Day on Thursday, and more.

Bike to Work Around the World

bike to work around the world

Happy National Bike Week in the United States.

You probably know about and participate in the National Bike Challenge, in which you sign up to challenge yourself and your peers to ride more miles during the months of the challenge (May thru September). The more miles you ride, the more points you can earn for a chance to win prizes. You track your mileage with a bike challenge app. You can also import your rides from popular tracking tools like Strava.

They’re doing something similar in Europe with a European Cycling Challenge, now in its fifth year. Different cities — mostly in Poland, Italy, and the UK — compete to encourage more cycling for more people, and use an app to track the rides. Warsaw, Poland even had a Bike to Work Day today, complete with free breakfasts to those who rode their bikes, to encourage more participation in this #ECC2016. A good time was had by all on what appeared to be a lovely day.


Movers and Shakers ride report

Today is Bike to Work Day in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we make a pretty big deal out of it. I joined this morning’s downtown San Jose VIP ride of city and county officials. Besides bike advocates like you and I, the usual crew of avid cyclists showed up, including San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, Santa Clara County Supervisor Ken Yeager, City of San Jose Deputy City Manager Kim Walesh, VTA GM Nuria Fernandez, and others.

I was happy to see San Jose 3rd District Council Member Raul Peralez make an appearance during his second annual car-free May, in which he challenges himself, his family, and his staff to go without a car for the month of May. I was also pleased to see Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez make what I believe is her first appearance at a Bike to Work Day event. She’s in the gray top in this photo, next to Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition Director Shiloh Ballard.

County Super Cindy Chavez w/ Shiloh Ballard


City council member car-free experiment

Raul Peralez represents the 3rd Council District in the city of San Jose, CA. He’s not a bike person, but during last year’s campaign for the council seat, members of the All Powerful Bike Lobby convinced Peralez to make a crazy promise: If he wins, he would give up his car for a full month.

He won the race for D3, and he picked National Bike Month to park his car.

Raul Peralez bikes to City Hall