Prison inmates pedal to power televisions

The infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona announced “Pedal Vision” in which female inmates are required to pedal a stationary bike if they want to watch the tube in their Tent City prison outside of Phoenix.

A dynamo attached to the stationary bikes reportedly generates enough juice to power a 19 inch television, according to the Maricopa Sheriff press release. Sheriff Arpaio says he implemented this program to combat obesity in his prison population. From what I can see, the Sheriff might consider taking a dose of his medicine. Watch the embedded news video below.

H/T to “Quintanus.”


  1. Prisons have a limited budget for prisoners and this is one of the creative ideas that prison management created in order to lessen utility bills particularly in electricity. Through this they are not only save lots of bucks paying their electric bills but also they help their prisoners to stay fit and healthy.

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