Walmart fixed speed sold out

Heh. The infamous Mongoose Cachet fixed speed bicycle is “Out of Stock Online.” Sold out just weeks after product introduction. I hope Walmart’s bike buyer got a promotion.

Screen capture from Mongoose Cachet out of stock

I don’t know how Walmart does things, but typically a buyer will order up a few containers of product like this as a one time buy. Let’s pretend Walmart bought 10,000 Cachets to sell. How long before we start seeing these in the wild?

Walmart also has a very liberal return policy. Walmart collects returned, damaged and defective products and sells them to salvage businesses. You can buy literal truckloads of returned Walmart products to sell at flea markets and fundraisers. You don’t know what you get until you crack open the containers — a group I belonged to that did this once got 6,000 pounds of lawnmower blades. Broken bikes aren’t uncommon, so we’ll probably see returned Cachets towards the end of summer at these truckload sales, flea markets, eBay, Craigslist and other scavenger junk hangouts.

Bikesnob NYC was first out of the gate with a review of the Mongoose Cachet. Urban Velo posted their review of the Cachet here.

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