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Glow In the Dark Bicycle

Pure Fix Cycles in Southern California announces a phosphorescent fixed gear bicycle.

Training wheels on that fixie

How can you avoid dangerous spills from catching the streetcar tracks with your bike? You ride in the track on purpose. And to do that, you need training wheels.

Mormon Fixed

  Update: The LDS Elders asked (politely) to have the photos removed — apparently this post was drawing unwanted attention to them. I’ve complied with their request. —Richard It had to happen, ladies and gentlemen: the marriage of two uniquely American bike cultures — Latter Day Saint missionaries on bikes and urban hipster fixies! I read more »

Walmart: Genesis Track One fixed gear bicycle

  The Genesis Track One bike with fixed / singlespeed flip flop hub. Unlike the sold out Mongoose Cachet, the Track One “features the best of both worlds – single speed and direct drive.” Somehow, this bike also has “triple ring alloy crank with low hill climbing gear,” while “top tube cable routing keeps shifting read more »

Walmart fixed speed sold out

Heh. The infamous Mongoose Cachet fixed speed bicycle is “Out of Stock Online.” Sold out just weeks after product introduction. I hope Walmart’s bike buyer got a promotion.

Mongoose Cachet review by Eben Weiss

Bike Snob NYC procured the infamous Mongoose Cachet fixed speed bike from Walmart, assembled it, and rode it for the distinction of first to review this bicycle.