Hockey Mashed Tea Oh My Ditto Goes Eye Mess

That’s my traditional Japanese New Year greeting. Or, a little more properly: 明けましておめでとうございます!


The romaji for that is akemashite omedeto gozaimasu, which translates to something like “Congratulations for a New Year.”

Most of the Japanese characters in the phrase 明けましておめでとうございます represent syllables, but the first — 明 — is a Chinese-derived kanji that combines the symbol for the sun 日 with that of the moon 月, and the meaning is that of exceptional brilliance. In the context of the New Year, this connotes a new hope, new beginnings, a new dawn.

So, as 2012 dawns, I give you my wish for new beginnings and hopes. Happy New Year!


When I listed new bike blogs of 2011, I failed to mention a couple of new notables.

The first is GRID Chicago by my friend Steve Vance. He and John Greenfield cover sustainable transportation for Chicagoland.

The other — Cyclivist in Melbourne, Australia — was started after Mike Stevens moved into the city and discovered how crazy people are for bikes there. He doesn’t own a car, but Stevens is not car free: as news editor for The Motor Report, he always has a review car available. He writes of himself and his motivations: “I’d like to at least be a regular cyclist, and creating this blog is part of what I hope will keep me inspired to build and maintain a passion for the pedals. I don’t know anything about cycling, really. So in 2011, I’ll be aiming to meet other cyclists, explore Melbourne more, get fit (I’m probably carrying an extra 20 or 30kg here!) and make this the life.

The blog itself didn’t get far, but he’s get plenty of activity at Twitter and Tumblr.

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