Watch me wallabies feed, mate.

They’re a dangerous breed, mate. While you’re not looking, one of ’em just might sneak past you and win the Tour de France. Do I still need a spoilers warning?

The Spokesmen Cycling Podcast recorded a couple of hours after Cadel Evans historic win, featuring David Bernstein, Carlton Reid, Neil Browne, and Rich Kelly. They have fun with word association and discuss the future of the Highroad team.

Podium Cafe on the ultimate endurance sport.

Mountain bikers in the Tour de France, including 1998 and 1999 Mountain Bike World Cup winner Cadel Evans with a fun word association game.

Alberto Contador punch! (from the other day)

Santa Cruz Wildcat race

Mikael of Copenhagenize visits Sao Paolo:

Cyclists in Europe, North America and Australasia should try riding in Sao Paulo in order to realise how good the conditions are where they live.

The cyclists are hardcore. They are fearless and yet strong, sober cyclists. The ones I rode with, when faced with a bus or car that was going to cut them off, made their prescence known but they shouted positive messages, as opposed to that very Anglo tendency to get all aggressive.



Adventure Commuting.

Yet Another Commuter Challenge, this one in Amsterdam of all places. This is a little different from your usual A-to-B race: the contestants also ran errands along the way, which handicaps the car driver (who must find parking) and transit rider (who must leave the train). In a 3 way race between bike, light rail and car, guess which one wins?

Weird LTE: Bike rider complains of bike path mowing.

Legal defense for Raquel Nelson. She’s the mom who was convicted of homicide for crossing the street with her kids in Cobb County, Georgia.

Giant Bicycles sponsors real riders.

A hilly RAGBRAI.

Bicycle friendly Omaha Nebraska?

Bike ride for fallen police officers.

Plastic New: An all plastic bike.

Bicycle access on the Pineda Causeway, Brevard County, Florida. More here on that issue.

Enjoy the music!

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  1. I wish I could talk like a cool Australian right now and say how awesome it was to see Cadel win this year’s tour.  It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of spike there is in bike sales over there in the coming weeks.  Love it.


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