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Watch me wallabies feed, mate.

They’re a dangerous breed, mate. While you’re not looking, one of ’em just might sneak past you and win the Tour de France. Do I still need a spoilers warning?

Friday bike news

Happy Friday, everybody! Yummy bike porn at Good.Is: The Art of the Handbuilt Bicycle. “Don’t Kill the Messenger,” about bike messengers in Washington DC, highlights the danger of biking in DC, so whatever. I’m not a messenger nor do I ride like one, but I’ve been cycling with traffic for over a couple of decades read more »

Hump Day head shaker

Shaking my head is my reaction to this bizarre bit of traffic safety news at How We Drive (originally seen by me through Carson Blume. Mayor of London Boris Johnson was caught riding his bike again on Tuesday. The bike he rides looks like one of Marin’s hybrid bikes that are fairly popular with the read more »