Quarterback Sack

Former University of Oregon starting quarterback John “Joey” Harrington was hit from behind while riding his bicycle in Portland, Oregon Sunday evening.

Harrington spent the night in hospital for treatment of injuries that are not considered life threatening. Harrington riding home on SE Foster Boulevard in Portland, OR when he was hit from behind by a Toyota RAV4 driven by Derek Johnston. Johnston was cited for following too closely.

Harrington is a lifelong resident of Portland. After college, He played six years for pro teams in the NFL. Since then, Harrington has provided analysis and sports commentary for sports radio.

Statesman-Journal: Ex-Ducks quarterback Harrington injured when SUV hits bicycle.


  1. …good point, amigo…i don’t wanna invest the time to search around that shoddy networks site to see if it’s mentioned ‘cuz it’s sad to see how far they’ve sunk over the years…

  2. …despite being caught up in the ‘other’ aspects of this story, i’d be remiss if i didn’t offer best wishes to harrington…while his injuries aren’t overly severe, ie: life threatening, he did suffer major physical trauma…

    …get better soon, amigo & don’t give up the bike…

  3. Agreed. I’m sure he’s had his share of hits from defensive linemen in pro ball, but that can’t compare to getting thrown up and over like he did Sunday by the SUV.

  4. Agreed, but curiosity may get the better of me.

    This is just screaming for a parody with mrmichaelsmith and Tony Kornheiser traveling to Portlandia to target cyclists.

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