Kirsten Dunst rides a bicycle

That creature in the pink skirt and blue hair is Kirsten Dunst in a cosplay outfit riding a bicycle across the crosswalk in the Akihabara district of Tokyo.

Kirsten Dunst rides a bicycle

Kirsten Dunst covered the song “Turning Japanese” in a McG/Takashi Murakami art music video called “Akihabara Majokko Princess” that was featured at ‘Pop Life’ at a Tate Modern 2009 exhibit in London, UK.

You can catch a brief clip of Kirsten Dunst riding the bike at about 2:40 in the below video.

More sensitive individuals just might go blind while watching this video, so take due caution. I grew up in Japan, but all I remember seeing in Akihabara was an amazing array of electronic gizmos. The semi-explicit girly stuff was all in Shinjiku, IIRC.




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    I remember Akihabara where I went to last winter… I hope people in Akihabara who suffered from horrible disasters will be fine.

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    Disaster? I haven’t heard of this? What happened? All I know about is that
    volcano down south.

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