Arrest in Fresno cyclist shooting

Say hello to Larry McLaughlin and Christopher Touchstone. They allegedly believed it would be a laugh riot to shoot a random cyclist north of Fresno, California. They didn’t figure this cyclist was a cop.

Arrested for shooting Fresno cyclist

Fresno sheriff deputies arrested McLaughlin and Touchstone Thursday morning after receiving a tip from an informant. Investigators believe one of these yahoos shot off-duty deputy Mike Montanez as a prank.

Montanez was riding his bike Tuesday afternoon on Friant Road north of Fresno when he was shot in the back. The deputy is recovering in the hospital. Because of the location of the small caliber bullet near the victim’s spine, doctors elected against removing the projectile.

News in The Fresno Bee.


  1. Ignorant and or stupid as well — everyone knows their sentence would have been much lighter if their weapon had been that blue SUV instead of the gun.

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