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Arrest in Fresno cyclist shooting

Say hello to Larry McLaughlin and Christopher Touchstone. They allegedly believed it would be a laugh riot to shoot a random cyclist north of Fresno, California. They didn’t figure this cyclist was a cop.

Fresno sheriff’s deputy SHOT WHILE CYCLING

Wow. An off-duty Fresno County sheriff’s deputy was shot Tuesday afternoon while cycling. The deputy was cycling when he heard a sound and felt something strike his back. The deputy was knocked from his bike. The deputy saw the rear passenger of a blue SUV pull a rifle back inside the vehicle. One wonders if read more »

Bovine vs Bike

Cyclist Melanie Spigelmyre was attacked by a road raging steer as she cycled through a herd of free range cattle in Fresno, California yesterday. Although she escaped relatively unscathed, her bike was seriously damaged. A photographer managed to snap a photo of Spigelmyre just as the bull charged her on her bike.