Scofflaw gets her due

Stupid driving tricks.

You might have heard about Sheena Hardin in Cleveland. Judge Pinkey Carr sentenced her to wear a sign that says, “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.”

Ms Hardin repeatedly drove on the sidewalk to avoid stopping for the school bus. She did this to avoid breaking the law, which says drivers must stop for stopped school buses, and apparently believes that driving on the sidewalk is perfectly legal.

Bus driver Uriah Herron, who picks up disabled children, got fed up with her scofflaw driving and called police, who waited for Hardin around the corner. The driver had his phone cam at the ready and they didn’t have to wait long for Hardin to show up.

In addition to two days of public sign-wearing shame, Judge Carr suspended Hardin’s license for 30 days and ordered her to pay $250 in court costs.


  1. Yes, Richard, I am here to take the bait:

    It would give me great satisfaction to see a few citation issued to cyclists who do the same where it is not legal to do so.

  2. It would give me great satisfaction if one of the drivers who complain that traffic laws are not enforced against cyclists acknowledged that a ton or two of metal moving at significant speed has the potential to harm many more people than a 200 pound cyclist moving at ten miles an hour and that it might be a much better use of enforcement resources to pay attention to the cars.

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