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#ReplaceBikeWithCar Portola Valley California

Portola Valley, California is a wealthy town nestled in the hills of the Santa Cruz Mountains south of San Francisco. With an average median income of $244,000 per year, it’s the sixth wealthiest community in California with the ninth most expensive housing in the nation. It’s also a great place to ride. Residents of Portola read more »

Rolling stops in South City

KRON TV’s Stanley Roberts visits a residential neighborhood in South San Francisco to catch scofflaws in the act. He says somebody even called police to report a suspicious black man with a camera. Like all drivers, the woman who was ticketed for blowing through the stop sign claims she’s a good driver who never ever read more »

Everybody’s doing it

Everybody’s doin’ it doin’ it doin’ it, picking their nose and failing to stop behind the limit line at a red traffic light. KRON’s Stanley Roberts visits the South Bay to watch traffic shenanigans in the city I work in. He shoots a conga line of people blowing through a red light on Bowers at read more »

Scofflaw gets her due

Stupid driving tricks. You might have heard about Sheena Hardin in Cleveland. Judge Pinkey Carr sentenced her to wear a sign that says, “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.”

Armored vehicle crushes bike lane parking scofflaw

Update: Video! Vilnius, Lithuania apparently has a problem with entitled luxury car owners who use bike lanes as their personal free parking. It’s become so widespread that the mass media have picked up on the meme of people posting photos of these parking scofflaws to social media networks. Vilnius Mayor ArtÅ«ras Zuokas decided to take read more »