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Traffic safety haiku!

New York City’s began installing small, colorful signs with poetic safety messages at high collision rate locations to remind walkers and cyclists to watch for hazardous death monsters.

Bike + Transit Haiku

Jackie Dishner aka “Bike Lady” celebrates the joy of bikes and biking with a few haiku. Thanks, Jackie, for the inspiration! Here’s my baiku of the day: Bike To Work Day soon. So many people with bikes! Crush crowd in Caltrain.

Spring bike haiku

Bradley the True Geek posted a spring time bike haiku. Bradley masterfully shows us the change of seasons from winter to spring in his baiku when he describes the gray roller dust coating his bike tires. Besides the well known 5 / 7 / 5 syllable pattern, haiku is defined by the use of words read more »

More Bike Haiku

Mild Stallion in Albany has some bike haiku here. Enjoy!

Haiku is Cyclelicious link bait

I just linked to Bike Skirt yesterday, and then they have to go and post a haiku this morning. Remember, a good bike haiku is automatic link bait for Cyclelicious. Just ensure I can find the haiku by shooting an email to me or thumping me on the head. I saw Anna’s eye-catching pink and read more »

Snot rocket haiku

Well, it’s almost a haiku. He just needs to swap his 2nd and 3rd verses.