Los Gatos Creek Trail audit in the rain

I need to improve the data for Los Gatos Creek Trail (LGCT) on this trail flooding status page for Santa Clara County, California, so I plan to ride LGCT in the middle of the rainstorm expected on Friday. Who wants to join me for this ride?

Leigh Avenue is the street immediately west of Blackford Elementary School, where many trail users cut through the parking lot to access Willow Street. Here’s a storm drain on Leigh immediately over the Los Gatos Creek Trail.

Leigh Avenue storm drain dumps to Los Gatos Creek Trail.

This drain collects significant runoff from the street, along with some from the school parking lot. Frequent trail users likely already know that this drain dumps onto the trail below.

Leigh Avenue storm drain dumps to Los Gatos Creek Trail.

Theoretically, the water should flow from that outlet against the wall directly down into that grate below. The leaves plastered into the chainlink fence hint at the reality — trail users must push through a waist-deep torrent.

This trail is well above the creek, even at undercrossings. Besides Leigh Avenue, the only other problem spot I’m aware of is a low spot near Vasona Park. I’ll decide Friday morning if I want to backtrack into Los Gatos to check flooding at that location.

I’d like to shoot photos and video of the torrent as it occurs for advocacy purpose. A human subject in these images would be great. Ping me if you think you can join me somewhere along the way. I plan to be in Campbell about 8 A.M. on Friday for this ride, and will probably get to Leigh around 8:30. You can expect you and your bike to get soaked during this ride, so bring a towel.

Attention SF Bay Area: “Atmospheric River” on the way, possible heavy rain

It’s time to refresh the waterproofing on your rain gear and ensure your fenders are in good shape. The National Weather Service tells us to expect rain beginning Thursday night to Friday as an “atmospheric river” of moist air arrives, with another system moving in for additional rain over the weekend.

Atomospheric River October 2016 rain forecast NWS Bay Area

For those riding Santa Clara County trails, look for real-time trail flooding status here.

Atmospheric River image courtesy National Weather Service Bay Area.

Vision Zero, Data driven enforcement, and Discrimination?

The Safe Routes Partnership moderated a Twitter chat this morning on the topic of equity and law enforcement in the context of active transportation. Among the good discussion starters, the Safe Routes Partnership asked:

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San Jose: Lupebikepool begins Wednesday, September 14

Another bikepool (think “carpool,” but with bikes) begins this Wednesday for commuters traveling from the vicinity of downtown San Jose, CA to the North First area, with morning departure from Diridon Station, and an evening trip leaving from Tasman Road at the Guadalupe River Trail.

lupe bikepool San Jose CA

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A San Jose interactive maps park and trails survey

The city of San Jose Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services department is updating their “Greenprint” — their long-term strategic plan that guides the future expansion of San José’s parks, recreation facilities and community services — and invites residents and visitors for your feedback via an interactive map survey.

San Jose CA parks and trails survey

To give your input, click through to the Greenpoint Interactive Map Survey, and drop pins on the map. You can write about what parks, trails and community centers you use and like, and also identify problem spots.

H/T once again to Betsy.