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Indoor bike security

Suppose you need to lock your bicycle up to keep it safe from your thieving roommate. Or perhaps you like to keep your bike indoors at your workplace, but you don’t trust the cow-orkers there to keep their fingers from your lovely steed. You don’t have the room to install a bike rack inside your apartment or in the storage closet. What to do?

Rodd Industrial Design in the UK created two interesting locking solutions: Lupin and Armlock, for use in multi-occupancy houses and apartments while taking space constraints into consideration.


an "immovable object" to lock bicycles to

Via VeloVision magazine comes a novel concept in bike racks: the PlantLock. The PlantLock is a bit pricey but looks like a potential solution to the problem where your spouse thinks that a bike rack on the front porch looks ugly. PlantLock could also be used in tony downtowns that eschew the common bike rack as too plebeian but don’t want to spring for a custom design. Someone please import these into the U.S.!