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Blind man’s bike stolen in Los Altos, CA

Fie on the thief. The news video shows the man’s invention that will hopefully allow the blind to navigate a bicycle, which looks pretty amazing. Maybe it could also allow the rest of us to play with our mobile devices while just riding along. I kid I kid! Brian Higgins is blind and has been read more »

Somebody on the Internet is *wrong*!

…and I have to correct it! Have a great Easter!

Santa Cruz police seek to reunite stolen bikes with owners

The Santa Cruz Police Department has recovered ten bikes that were believed to have been stolen in the last month. The bikes were recovered during various theft investigations. Investigators are in the process of inventoring the bikes but wanted to get the basic information out there in case the public could identify their missing bike.

Bike locked to bike = bike theft technique

Transportation Nation reports on what they believe is a breach of etiquette, but I see a bike theft in progress.

Taqueria Stickers

I don’t often post stolen bike alerts, but this one belongs to a friend. Distinctive color and stickers should make this easily identifiable.

Drugs and bike theft

Patrick Symmes had his bike stolen in broad daylight one sunny January afternoon. Like most such bikes, his was never recovered. Watching the security video of the theft in action prompted Symmes to investigate how thieves steal bikes, and what they do with them.