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City of Santa Clara to study bike lanes on Tasman

The city of Santa Clara will hY consider bike lanes for the 1.5 mile portion of Tasman Drive within city limits between the Guadalupe River and Calabasas Creek. A consultant will study traffic on Tasman and propose ways to reconfigure the lanes on Tasman to make room for bike lanes. The green line below shows read more »

Bike lanes popular with New Yorkers

When asked simply whether the bike lanes were a good idea or a bad idea, 66 percent of New Yorkers said they were a good idea, according to a new poll by The New York Times. A majority in all boroughs said they thought the lanes were a good idea, with support highest in Manhattan. read more »

Rubberized cycletrack barriers

I’ve been closely following the bike facilities construction that began last weekend through downtown San Jose, California.

Green bike lanes for San Jose

San Jose City Council approves plan to remove nearly five miles of vehicle lanes and add eight miles of bike lanes in 2012 and 2013. Look for enhanced green bikeways for San Fernando Street across downtown San Jose; project completion by this Summer 2012. To support the San Jose Bike Share that should open on read more »