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Compromise for San Jose Hedding Street Bikeway

The Hedding Street and Ocala Avenue bikeways are on the agenda for Tuesday night’s City Council meeting in San Jose. While support remains for a proposed road diet on Hedding Street, heavy opposition to the street parking removal aspect has prompted some councilors to propose a compromise solution.


Guadalupe River Trail contractors ask cyclists to please stay off this weekend!

Important finishing work to take place Friday-Monday, August 24 – 27, on San Jose Guadalupe River trail adjacent to San Jose International Airport.

Anyone who semi-regularly uses the Guadalupe River Trail between I-880 and Highway 101 alongside San Jose International Airport have noticed the paving works seems complete, and you’ve undoubtedly trespassed into the work area in spite of the “work closed” signs at each trailhead. Two additional coatings remain to be added, however, and bicycles and joggers using the path will damage the surface.


Gentrification, classism, and San Jose bikeways

Bikes vs old ladies and hypocrites bloviating stupidly about class conflict.

Hedding Street in San Jose is a neighborhood arterial that feeds traffic to Highways 101, 87 and 880. The heavy traffic naturally results in more noise, air pollution, disease and risks for those who live on Hedding. This, in turn, results in lower home values and, apparently, a perception by some residents that they live in a “ghetto.”

Except for the loss of free street parking, San Jose’s proposed 4-3 lane reduction on Hedding Street will primarily benefit the people who live on Hedding. The 3 lane configuration can still safely handle the current level of traffic of 16,500 vehicles per day.