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Happy Australia Day


Australia Day on January 26 is Australia’s national holiday that commemorates the day in 1788 when sailors planted the British flag in Sydney Cove to establish a penal colony. Wednesday might seem like tomorrow, but Australia is on the other side of the International Date Line, where it’s perpetually already tomorrow, so Australia Day is today.

So let’s explore my hastily Googled carefully curated list of Australian web resources, shall we?


Rob in Ventura

This is Rob in Ventura California. I think this is the first surfboard-toting panda portrait I’ve seen.

He’s got a lovely blog at Ocean Air Cycles where he writes about the everyday adventure of living car-light with his wife and a little baby. “To be an adventurer does not always mean that every moment needs to be an epic beyond compare,” writes Rob. “Long trips to far away places are great, but not always easy to fit into our busy lives. It is possible to find adventure in the nooks and crannies of each day.

I’ve just run across it today but I already like his philosophy. “The bicycle is a simple and liberating vehicle that can help to facilitate adventure. It does not have to be fancy or in some way magical, the best bike you can ride today is the one you have. Use it as a tool to escape the mundane while still meeting you daily obligations.

Ocean Air Cycles.

Bikes for the rest of us

“Bikes for the Rest of Us” (BFTROU) is catalog of mostly inexpensive utility bikes. It’s the resource I turn to when somebody asks what three speed bikes with fenders and chainguards are available. Until recently, it was a Blogspot hosted site, but now they’ve gotten their own domain. They tell me they plan to step things up for BFTROU this year; I’m looking forward to good things for that team.

While you’re visiting BFTROU, don’t miss this neat story on how bike sharing in DC got somebody back on a bike after a lifetime away from it.