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Boulder Bike Blenders

Boulder Bike Blenders provides the bike, the blender and the ingredients so you can use their bikes to blend a smoothie. They had plenty of business from patrons at the farmers’ market in Longmont, Colorado when I saw them last Saturday. They travel around to various events. Find where they’ll be next by following Boulder read more »

Driver arrested for killing cyclist known for his anti-cycling views

A Colorado man recently arrested and charged with vehicular homicide is known for his anti-cyclist rants at town meetings, reports the Boulder Daily Camera.

(Almost) Real time Boulder bike traffic counts

The city of Boulder, Colorado uses electronic counters to track bicycles at 13 different locations.

Boulder Cycle Chic

Boulder Cycle Chic features photos of laid back townies and students on their bikes in the perpetually sunny Colorado Front Range hippie town of Boulder. Photo by Zane Selvans in Boulder (even though this one was shot in Fort Collins). H/T to Carl in Longmont.