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Tanya feels safe in her GMC Yukon

“Tanya feels safe her her GMC Yukon” is the title of this video ad from a couple of years ago.

Never mind the child riding his bike to school in Contra Costa County you might run over, drag for 60 feet and kill with your six half-tons of American pride when you make that free right turn out of a school parking lot without looking, because you have the AutoTrac system to “help you stay in control during complex driving situations.” StabiliTrak and Proactive Roll Avoidance ensure you can zip out of the school drop off line at high speed and keep your vehicle on the road. If you push your Yukon beyond its limits and still manage to lose control while taking that sharp turn at 60 MPH, six airbags will protect the driver and passengers during the inevitable rollover, and OnStar will deploy emergency services and a tow.

Safety first!

It’s a good thing Contra Costa County CHP office already plans a safety seminar for the children at the victim’s school. Let’s put the onus of safety on these kids who have no experience with how the motor vehicles they’re supposed to watch for are supposed to move. [That was sarcasm.]

The poor victim was riding on the wrong side of the road when the driver made her free right turn onto Byron Highway. Kids riding or walking in ways that violate traffic rules next to schools is something every driver should anticipate, no matter how much safety instruction we give them. For their sake, please look left right left and look again when driving near a school. This “accident” was something every driver should anticipate and was easily avoidable.