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Tyler Hamilton’s tell-all book on doping in the pro peloton

Who plans to buy Tyler Hamilton’s The Secret Race?

Round Up the Dopes

I have my opinions about the doping scandal that’s once again rocked the world of professional road racing.

Why do cyclists use diuretics?

Google has a predictive search feature that suggests additional search terms as you start typing in a phrase. Number four on the list is not something I would expect to see.

Cecil Yates smoked a cigarette

Today’s youngsters might be a little shocked to see professional athletes promoting cigarettes, but it wasn’t too long ago I’d when I’d see the occasional bicycle racer grab a smoke and take a long drag immediately after crossing the finish line.

Pro Cycling: Armstrong, doping

By now everybody’s seen Lance Armstrong’s retirement announcement.

Bob Roll on doping

In a quick video interview, former 7-11 pro cyclist and longtime sports commentator Bob Roll claims “bike racing is by far the cleanest professional sport in the world.” On the testing regimen and the heavy, instantaneous penalties handed down when doping is found, “Every other professional sport in the world is a joke in comparison.” read more »